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Exclusive: Victoria Justice, Devon Ross, Taylor John Smith & Dermot Mulroney to star in ‘Sic.’

EXCLUSIVE: Actress and singer Victoria Justice (The Tutor), model and actress Devon Ross (Irma Vep), Taylor John Smith (Where The Crawdads Sing), and Dermot Mulroney (Scream VI) are leading cast in feature sic, which is filming in Thailand.

The film marks the feature directorial debut of The Fighter and The Finest Hours screenwriter Paul Tamasy who also penned the script.

The film follows a group of roommates in a US city who accidentally kill an innocent man, “leading them down a dangerous path of deception and cover-up”.

Tamasy is re-teaming with his producing partner Dorothy Aufiero, with whom worked on The Fighter, Patriots Day, and the The Finest Hours. Also producing are Wych Kaos, Scott Clayton, Jordan Gertner, and Gary Hirsh, with Adam Zachary Smith aboard as exec producer.

The project is being shot at Baang Rig Studios in Thailand, with the Southeast Asian country standing in for the U.S. We’re told backing comes from Thai sources and a US company which wasn’t disclosed.

The project marks model Ross’s first ever movie after recently making her screen debut in HBO Max series Irma Vep.

“I’m excited to be directing my first film, and shooting at Baang Studios has been an incredible experience,” said Tamasy. “We’ve assembled a great cast and crew, and I can’t wait for audiences to see the final product.” [source]

Gallery Update: Images of Victoria attending Coachella 2023

This weekend Victoria has been busy attending Coachella Festival 2023. We have uploaded our gallery with the pictures from her different appearances. Follow the links below to view the images.

Noah Schnapp, Victoria Justice, & Garrett Hedlund Discuss How ‘The Tutor’ Will “Surprise and Terrorize”

Before hitting theaters on March 24, Collider’s Steve Weintraub had the opportunity to speak with the stars of Jordan Ross’ upcoming psychological thriller, The Tutor. Between the main three, Garrett Hedlund, Noah Schnapp, and Victoria Justice, we gleaned a little insight into this small-budget nail-biter they say has a “page-turner” script that kept them on the edge of their seats, one Hedlund likens to Primal Fear’s level of suspense.

In The Tutor, Ethan, played by Hedlund, is the titular mentor who’s offered an unbelievable summer gig to work with a billionaire’s son, Jackson (Schnapp). As the two spend more time together, Ethan’s uneasy concern that Jackson may be a deeply troubled young man is compounded by the fact that Jackson seems to know an uncomfortable amount about his new tutor, and shows up unannounced during dinners with Ethan’s newly-pregnant wife, Annie (Justice). Things take a turn for the worst when Jackson accuses Ethan of assault, and the tutor begins to tumble down a slippery slope. According to the trio, this twisting story will “surprise and terrorize” audiences with its unexpected outcome.

During the conversation, which you can watch in the video read below, Hedlund, Schnapp, and Justice share with us how they got involved with this project, what appealed to them most, and how the locals of Birmingham, Alabama contributed to the film. The trio also teases upcoming projects like Justice’s “action-adventure” comedy, California King, Hedlund’s next Taylor Sheridan series, Bass Reeves, and Schnapp admits he’ll be “crying and upset” when Stranger Things Season 5 wraps, and we can guarantee he won’t be alone with his tears.

Gallery Update: Appearances 2023

We have recently updated our gallery with pictures of Victoria’s different appearances in the first half of 2023. You can view all the images in our gallery, follow the links below.

The Tutor: Official Trailer and Release Date

Vertical Entertainment have officially dropped the trailer for their new, eerie thriller that will becoming to the big screen this March.

The Tutor, which will hit cinemas on March 24th, follows Garrett Hedlund’s character, a tutor to a teen (Noah Schnapp) who takes things a little too far.

In the movie, Hedlund plays an in-demand tutor named Ethan, whose gigs often cater to the privileged members of the East Coast. His newest job is to tutor Jackson, the son of a billionaire who resides in a remote New York estate. Shortly after Ethan and Jackson begin working together, Ethan starts to realize that Jackson’s fascination with him turns into a dangerous obsession. As tension mounts, Jackson poses a greater and greater threat to Ethan, leading him to figure out what’s really going on with Jackson before things get even worse.

Starting with its instrumental soundtrack, the trailer sets the tone for what viewers can expect going into the movie, also using an array of shots to showcase the grandiose aspects of the estate. Everything takes a turn after Ethan poses a question that Jackson seems affronted by, leading into Ethan’s side investigation on his new and mysterious tutee. Moreover, Jackson becomes even more unsettling as the trailer offers insight into Ethan’s personal life with his newly pregnant wife (Victoria Justice). While it’s clear that Jackson has some sort of ulterior motive in mind, the exact reasoning behind it remains unclear beyond his mounting obsession with Ethan and his life. Whatever Jackson’s intentions are, they certainly aren’t good ones. (source)

Check out the trailer below!

Last Man Standing: Victoria’s new single is out now!

Happy 30th Birthday Victoria! To celebrate her birthday, Victoria has finally released the highly anticipated new single, Last Man Standing. The single is available for everyone to stream now, and you can also watch the official lyric video below.

Exclusive: Victoria Announces New Single “Last Man Standing” Will Be Out Soon

Victoria Justice has announced she will release her new single titled “Last Man Standing” very soon.

The “Victorious” star made the announcement this Thursday, September 29th, through an email sent exclusively to her fans. Last month, Justice has shared a selfie or herself back in the studio and two weeks ago, she has posted a TikTok video asking her fans their opinion about which song she should release next, because she was divided between two songs she has already recorded. So it looks like she might be releasing the new song very soon.

Victoria Justice has been releasing music independently since December 2020, when she released “Treat Myself”, her first single in over seven years.

Are you excited to stream Victoria Justice’s new single? We can’t wait! [source]

A Perfect Pairing: Official Trailer and Stills

Netflix have officially dropped the trailer for Victoria’s latest movie, A Perfect Pairing. The movie will be released on the streaming service from May 19th and sees Victoria star as Lola, a hard-driving LA wine-company exec, who in order to land a major client, ravels to an Australian sheep station, where she ends up working as a ranch hand and sparking with a rugged local (Adam Demos).

Check out Victoria in action as Lola in the first look trailer below.

Along with the new trailer, we have updated our gallery with the new stills and the official movie poster that Netflix have released. Remember, A Perfect Pairing will be available to stream on Netflix from May 19th, 2022.