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Hey everyone! We just wanted to keep everyone updated on what we are currently getting up to with our site while it’s a little quieter on the Victoria front as we wait for more of her exciting projects to be released.

Over the last month we have had an amazing design update from the incredible mauuzeta and we feel the overall website is currently running smoothly and efficiently. So we have now turned out attention to our gallery and working hard to make it the biggest source of Victoria photos. We recently required an excellent source of Victoria Justice images and are starting to build up our image library. We recently added an extra 2,000 photos across 2016 appearances, candids and photoshoots, as well as photos from Victoria’s singles. Our next step is working on photos from 2013, before moving on to 2014 and then photos from before 2013. We will also be adding photos from Victoria’s music, television and movie productions. We look forward to sharing all these new photos with you.

Big Love, Maria and Laura

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