About This Site

Owner: Maria (@_mariiax)
Co-Owner: Laura (@popcorndonuts)
Domain: dailyvictoriajustice.sosugary.com
Site Name: Daily Victoria Justice
Online Since: January 2020
Contact: dailyvictoriajustice@gmail.com

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Site History

Originally created as a tumblr fansite, DailyVictoriaJustice was first launched in July 2014. Over the years we used the tumblr to share our edits, gifs, news and updates all about Victoria Justice and we watched our site expand and gain in followers. As the tumblr site continued to grow, we decided to expand our sites onto other platforms and in July 2019, our official twitter account, DailyVicJustice, was created, giving us the opportunity to reach out and interact with even more Victoria fans. With a twitter and tumblr site running successfully we started to look towards other ventures as we felt our tumblr site was starting to become a outlet for edits and gifs rather than updates and news. As the new decade approached it was decided that co-owner Laura would become the main attributer to the tumblr site and keep it online through edits and gifs, while Maria would venture outside of tumblr and onto a more established platform; and thus, DailyVictoriaJustice.sosugary.com was born in January 2020

This site will focus on the news and updates for Victoria, as well as working to create a ever expanding gallery full of all the latest Victoria images.