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Vertical Entertainment have officially dropped the trailer for their new, eerie thriller that will becoming to the big screen this March.

The Tutor, which will hit cinemas on March 24th, follows Garrett Hedlund’s character, a tutor to a teen (Noah Schnapp) who takes things a little too far.

In the movie, Hedlund plays an in-demand tutor named Ethan, whose gigs often cater to the privileged members of the East Coast. His newest job is to tutor Jackson, the son of a billionaire who resides in a remote New York estate. Shortly after Ethan and Jackson begin working together, Ethan starts to realize that Jackson’s fascination with him turns into a dangerous obsession. As tension mounts, Jackson poses a greater and greater threat to Ethan, leading him to figure out what’s really going on with Jackson before things get even worse.

Starting with its instrumental soundtrack, the trailer sets the tone for what viewers can expect going into the movie, also using an array of shots to showcase the grandiose aspects of the estate. Everything takes a turn after Ethan poses a question that Jackson seems affronted by, leading into Ethan’s side investigation on his new and mysterious tutee. Moreover, Jackson becomes even more unsettling as the trailer offers insight into Ethan’s personal life with his newly pregnant wife (Victoria Justice). While it’s clear that Jackson has some sort of ulterior motive in mind, the exact reasoning behind it remains unclear beyond his mounting obsession with Ethan and his life. Whatever Jackson’s intentions are, they certainly aren’t good ones. (source)

Check out the trailer below!

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