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Katherine McNamara, Lucien Laviscount, Ronny Chieng & Lindsey Broad have been named as new cast members, who will join Victoria Justice and Matthew Daddario in 'Push'.

Push is a suspenseful, twisty and fun independent film. The film is a contemporary look at the challenges of trust in relationships in this day and age.

Push follows the lives of gallery owner Brooke Gatwick (Justice), whose marriage to Owen Shore(Daddario) a heart-throb local newscaster seems perfect from the outside but there are visible cracks at the seams. It doesn’t help that Brooke feels a strong, mutual attraction with her first solo artist Angar Doyle (Laviscount), an Irish wunderkind artist and lover of women. When alluring graduate student Amy (McNamaras) enters their universe the story becomes tangled and unpredictable. Brooke and Owen’s best friends Adam (Chieng) and Eleanor (Broad), noted New York divorce lawyers, try their best to help as the action unfolds.

Recently, when asked about the movie, Victoria stated:

“As soon as I read this script, I knew I wanted to be a part of this project and ensemble. Push is a modern take on relationships and fidelity which is something mostly everyone can relate to. It definitely will get conversations started about when does cheating become cheating? Does it start with the intention or does it begin with the act ? Very grateful to be working with this talented cast and crew on this exciting project”


Victoria is currently filming the movie in New York City.

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